Mary Turner


University of Florida - Tau

Receiving the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation's Leadership Scholarship is such an honor. The Phi Sigma Rho sisterhood at the University of Florida was the first family I found in college and it is thanks to the leadership opportunities and encouragement it has provided me that have allowed me to become the strong leader I am today. I strive to serve my community alongside my sisters and pave the path for ourselves and all of the women in the STEM field who will come after us through the virtues of Phi Sigma Rho. I would like to thank the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation, all of the scholarship donors, the sisters of the Tau chapter, and Veronica Aiu and Erin Magliozzi for their letters of support that helped me to receive this accord. Again, I am so grateful to have been selected to receive this scholarship. The financial burden of college is great and this will truly aid in my upcoming year and allow me to focus on finding what specialty of Environmental Engineering I wish to pursue in the future.