Camille Stuczynski


UC Berkley - Alpha Theta

It is such an honor to receive the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation Leadership Scholarship. For most of my life, I've been steadfastly dedicated to women's rights, and that passion found a lifelong home in the fearless leaders in Phi Sigma Rho. I had the extraordinary pleasure of taking the PSR baton directly from the hands of our inspiring founders here at UC Berkeley, Alpha Theta Chapter. The vision that they instilled in me has driven me to be extremely involved in the leadership, mission, and operations of our chapter: I served as the President for 3 semesters and am halfway through my year as the Vice President of Membership. I want to thank my grandbig, Rachel Zhang, for writing me an outstanding letter of recommendation, my big, Waverly Runion, for mentoring me throughout my time as a leader here, and one of my dear sisters, Hana McLaughlin for taking the baton from me. I'm extremely grateful to have received this award and look forward to a long and amazing journey here in PSR.