Annie Nguyen


UC San Diego - Chi

Annie Nguyen is an alumna of the UC San Diego Chi Chapter, Zeta class.  As an undergrad, she majored in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution under the Department of Biology. She is currently completing her Masters of Education at UC San Diego and maintaining a GPA of 4.0. With her background in biology, Annie is applying her love of science and education at her student teaching site at an under-served high school in southeast San Diego, teaching 10th grade biology.

As an active, Annie held several leadership positions in the Chi Chapter: Standards Board Representative, Director of Communications, Assistan Director of New Member Education, and Director of Member Education. In these positions, she was a facilitator of communication, both for the chatper and for the candidate members. She was also able to apply what she felt were the ideals of the sorority in her discussions and, by the end of her term, her guidance as a 3-year active member. As an alumna, Annie maintains a close relationship with her chapter and is proud to watch them grow and evolve over time.

Her experiences in Phi Sigm Rho allowed her to build skills as a leader and cultivate a passion for helping young women pursue the sciences. Her work in leadership positions is not being applied daily in her classroom, where eager young minds turn to her for that same guidance through school. Annie is extremely thankful for thopportunities, support, and sisterhood that being in Phi Sigma Rho has provided her over the years.