Anna Koch


Oregon State University - Sigma


My name is Anna Koch and I am writing to thank you for selecting me to receive the Merit Scholarship from the Phi Sigma Rho Foundation.

This year I will be a senior at Oregon State University where I am majoring in electrical and computer engineering. The support and friendship that my Phi Rho sisters provide helps to make OSU my home. As an out of state student, I came to OSU knowing no one. But PSR has provided a foundation of loyal friendship that I love being a part of. It continues to open the doors to so many opportunities like volunteering with girl scouts, leadership skills, and outdoor adventures. I was surprised and honored to learn that I was chosen for the award and cannot thank you enough for your support of Phi Sigma Rho.

As an out of state student, tuition is steep, but it is worth the price because I am studying in a top notch engineering program and feel so at home at OSU. I cannot imagine going to college anywhere else. This scholarship from Phi Sigma Rho will allow me to continue to focus on school work and be involved in Phi Sigma Rho and other extracurricular activities. I am excited for the fall term because I will be returning after a six month cooperative program internship. This opportunity reenergized my excitement for engineering and I am excited to see how what I learned on the job applies to the classroom. Thank you for supporting my studies and providing me with the opportunity and time to commit to them.